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Johnathan Fagan Thursday, September 30, 2010

Solicitors from Hell - a genuine customer service, a scam or absolute b**ll**ks? is a new consumer website that has attracted the attention of the Law Society Gazette and numerous solicitors firms who have had the pleasure of an entry on it. There appear to be over 500 law firms listed on it, and as far as I could see most of the complaints were not really complaints but fairly damaging comments...

I recently came across it when looking for a firm of solicitor's contact details and discovered the second entry in Google was this site. The review of the firm read as follows: ...
Click HERE

London SWI

I understand that unless a law firm pays an "administration fee" of £200 then the entry remains on the site for eternity. This means that anyone searching for the law firm will inevitably come across comments like this one.

Think of the black hat marketing potential of this site. Any law firm in Swindon for example could post anonymous comments onto the site for their competitors and sit back and watch their instructions increase. Obviously this comment is intended as irony....(before we get sued!).

So in summary I am afraid we think that the site is b**ll**ks. There has been no effort to identify the posters, and this makes the site positively evil as it could unfairly irreparably damage someone's reputation who does not deserve it. . Johnathan Fagan 30/9/2010

These Pillocks, Jonathan Fagan his wife Clare and Peter Gresty are the biggest 'Dog Turds' anywhere on the Internet they 'Blabbermouth' their heads off making defamatory comments about my website all over the World Wide Web and also these 'Dipshits' have been 'Blabber mouthing' on their website false defamatory accusations about me and my website, also accusing me of 'Extortion' for close on 10yrs and saying...
. "I am afraid we think that the site is b**ll**ks"

Johnathan Fagan has written some concoction of a story I believe giving the impression this is part of or the type of stuff on my website…I think my only comment is to quote what Mr Justice Tagenhat said in Court... "...should take reasonable care in relation to the publication", also Mr Vassal-Adams QC who said "...appeared to be willing to publish very serious defamatory allegations without any prior check to establish their truth and accuracy".

These 'Pillacks' don't appear to have anything between their ears... and it's doubtful if they have anything between their legs either, if they have, it's probably just a fanny...

Above is the derogatory comment made about my website by those 'Pillock' at 'Ten-Percent Legal Recruitmemt'. There are not 500 law firms on my website or has there ever been, I have never made a charge, asked for a payment for any reason or received money in any form from my website that they claims and just if they thinks they have this evidence it should be produce and published… I do admit the law society were aware of me for I wrote to this Dog Turd Peter Williamson, President of the Law Society at Chancery Lane on 5 October 2003 and told him that the letter would be publish on my website which he failed to reply too, I also wrote to 'Mad Dog' Des Hudson the Law Society's chief executive on 21/10/2011 My Solicitors from Hell website website was registered on 17th Feb 2003 some 3or4yrs before any other(s) had been heard of…

I would welcome the law society's comments and I will publish them (of course if they have the 'Balls') but will not respond to any threatening mail for I've had that in the past also I've had threatening evening phone calls on behalf of Chancery Lane...

The Law Society will be aware that if they take me to the High Court I could claim all my Cost for as from my solicitors, Solicitors Complains Commission, legal Ombudsman and Chancery Lane they all cut-off all communication with me without a resolution being found which this happen in a case some time ago. They will remember Rick Kordowski cost them £150.000plus in 2011, they will also remember instead of taking me to the High Court their threats closed me on three of my website Hosting Co. so driving me off-shore to a webhost.

If I hear from any of these Dog Turds it will be published here...
Jonathan Fagan - Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment -





To be continued

Jonathan Fagan . . , , . . Clare Fagan . . . . . Peter Gresty

These are the 'Dog Turds' that own and run this 'absolute b**ll**ks' of a website "Legal Recruitment Blog" and between them they don't have an ounce of 'Grey Matter' anywhere…

Fagan, it appears he claims he found my website which he claims "I recently came across it when looking for a firm of solicitor's contact details and discovered the second entry in Google was this site.

Fagan states "My female cousin went to see this 'solicitor' with housing problems. At the initial consultation he was extremely friendly - actually overly so when his secretary went out of the room. He asked many personal questions that were not actually relevant to the case in question and gave out information about what he had allegedly done to help other clients. He kept going on about her being a young vulnerable woman and stated that he was going to take several actions on her behalf as she was being harassed by the landlord.

However as my cousin felt uncomfortable seeing him alone she asked me (Fagan) to come to the next meeting. When he saw that she was accompanied by a male family member, he was abrupt and tried to give the impression that he had not really wanted to take her on as a client in the first instance. He stated that she did not need the help of a solicitor - however this had not stopped him from applying for and receiving the legal aid to progress her case.

He wrote a long letter of summery allegedly to explain 'why' she did not need his help - which was actually more like a personal tirade against his own client and told her to make a complaint if she felt she had the strength! It was then difficult to find another solicitor to transfer the LSF to; luckily the solicitor my cousin then found was extremely professional, helpful and progressed a speedy resolution on her behalf."

Fagan's opinion of this Solicitors "Only use this firm if you want to be disappointed and put under stress. Not to be trusted!!"

This 'Dog Turd Fagan' has first-hand experience of this case for he explains "My female cousin" he is on about and he is saying there are some 500 similar stories on my website, I would like him to point out just where they are.

These 'Dog Turds' above are making-up stories as they go so how can anyone believe the shit on their Legal Recruitment Blog, if they do they must be the most stupid humans to ever have walked on Planet Earth…

Oh, talking of a 'Scam' which these 'Dog Turds' say my website is, have you seen the prices that they charge to train/advise these qualified solicitors with degrees how to write their CV's and to conduct their interviews. Those people who take-up their offer must be the doziest and easiest people to con.
My home town is Dartford in Kent, England which is on the old Roman road, 'Watling Street', halfway between London and Dover an old Staging Coach stop. The old Stage Coach Inn, The Bull, was renamed 'The Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel' after Queen Victoria spent the night there on 7th February 1838 it is still there and worth a visit. .Just down the road near the Church was the home of Wat Tyler who led the 'Peasants Revolt' into London and was beheaded by the Mayor of London, William Walworth, at Smithfield on 15 June' 1381..
Wat Tyler's home is also still there known as 'Ye Old Wat Tyler' a Public House and also worth a visit.

Another famous and much later event in Dartford was the Suffragette's had a rally in Dartford on 1st August 1913 and they had been treated atrociously, imprisoned, force fed' arrested and harassed just like the Law Society still are doing to complainants today. AS we know votes for women was achieved in 1919 quite rightly so.

Another first in Dartford is the birth of the Solicitors from Hell phenomenon on the www, that others have/had copied (Rick Kordowski's (2005) was closed by the Law Society in 2011) the law society have tried hard to close the original but have been unsuccessful in closing it down. I wrote on my Preface on 17th Feb 2003 "I do not expect to achieve the notoriety of Wat Tyler but I believe 'collectively' through the Internet and e-mail lobbying of specific people we can achieve a great deal, we could create a register of bad solicitors and even solicitors or individual Solicitors that could be recommended. Maybe this could be called 'The Internet's Peasants Revolt'.

I think it's about time to fight back… 'Complainants Lives Matter' we need to get together… Rick Kordowski was a brave man but I believe he went about it a tad carelessly with a little for-thought today his site could have been a well worth website.

Where to now?? First of all I don't believe the majority of solicitors and law firms are corrupt or do a bad job for their clients in fact quite the opposite it's the few who are not that good and know the Law Society run a 'PROTECTION' racket for them. We need to get 6or7 people together, or more, we could invite 1or2 solicitors or law firms to be involved to get a balanced view, to give their view and poss write a column of their own, then someone with IT skills and website design, a couple with journalistic skills and to run a Blog for anyone to place comments etc. It would be handy to have someone with caricature drawing skills just so we can keep some comedy in the website of law society personnel even some who have their own websites would be helpful.

If this don't work I could just revert back to Rick's methods…As I've shown the Law Society broke off all communications with me so if they decide to try the High Court route I think they know all cost would be awarded in my favour…ha ha. Even Ol' Chuckling Charlie made that comment on the Internet.


Bull & Vic Courtyard where Stagecoaches pulled-in

The Royal Victoria & Bull.

Ye Old Wat Tyler c1860

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"I am afraid we think that the site is b**ll**ks"
Avoid at all costs







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I have stated the Law Society operate a 'PROTECTION' racket and just to prove it this is what they have been telling their members after they took down Rick Kordowski in 2011. These helplines are only for solicitors.
To strengthen my allegation of a 'PROTECTION racket' being run by the Law Society read one of many letters I wrote to the Law Society and 'Chuckling Charlie Falconer' at The Department for Constitutional Affairs but Charlie, at the time he still had his head so far up Tony Blair's backside and just could not smell or see the shit all around him…and just to prove Chancery Lane have the Legal Ombudsman up their arse as well read the letter, one of many, I wrote to Adam Sampson. LO, on 3rd July 2012.
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