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Lt Gen Sir Michael Willcocks
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."I finish by expressing my thanks to the members and staff of the Press Complaints Commission for their unfailing courtesy and helpfulness in the face of my constant questioning. I am able to assure all those who bring their .appeals to me that I continue to be impressed by the thoroughness and impartiality of the PCC's work in arriving at their decisions, whilst I yself remain totally independent from them".
Sir Michael Willcocks KCB CVO
February 2010
Mickey's last paragragh, above, of his "Report of the Chartered Commissioner 2009" it's nothing less than 'Arse Licking' of the 'Barmy Army' and he finishes off with "I myself remain totally independent from them".
Yeah, right mate and 'Pigs might fly'!

With no sign of any movement from Mickey the complaint was referred to the Parliamentary Ombudsman on 6th September 2011.
PHSO "Unfortunately, the PCC falls outside our jurisdiction..."
Oh dear, it appears the Barmy Army and Mickey are 'Teflon Coated Don's'. Nick Clegg hit the 'Nail-on-the-head' when he said "the PCC is a "complaints body at best run by the Newspapers for the Newspapers"

Ol' Mickey sat on his hands for nine weeks with no sign of him being able to make any useful decision I suppose his main thoughts were looking for some way to ‘appease’ the ‘honourable’ 'Barmy Army Members' with some more 'arse licking'.

Mickey calls himself the PCC's 'Independent Reviewer' and he states "whilst I myself remain totally independent from them". Mickey is a joke he has no powers at all apart from 'Arse Licking' the Barmy Army, let me quote him; "I have no authority here...Turning to the decision itself, as I have explained, I have no locus here".

"locus" = Math. curve etc. made by all points satisfying certain conditions or by defined motion of point line or surface. (I'm a bit confused, but if Mickey as any 'motions' it probably takes place in the Loo).


Girl Friday











Mickey the 'Puppet' sends me a letter via 'his girl Friday', Tonia Milton, which states "He considers the matter closed".
I wonder if 'Mickey' has a 'Dickie'? If Mickey does have a 'Dickie' then Mickey most definitely doesn't have any 'Balls' to go with Mickey's 'Dickie'…but we do know Mickey does have a long tongue for 'arse' licking the 'Barmy Army'.

The Guardian's Editor and their Letters Editor came up with so many excuses but 'Mickey accepted one of the emails from the Letters Editor was the 'be all, end all' of the complaint, let me quote Mickey "I believe the Commission took particular note of the 19th May email from The Guardian's Readers' Editor which explained the reasons behind the error in greater detail than earlier responses from Elisabeth Ribbans. You may disagree, but it does seem to explain the "human error" aspect more convincingly. It does not of course lessen the damage that was done before the remedial action was taken. It will be of little comfort to yourself ..." Ol' Mickey don't seem very convinced himself, for example he starts off with "I believe" then "it does seem to explain the "human error" aspect more convincingly"

Let me quote from the PCC's website: -
"The Press Complaints Commission is charged with enforcing the following Code of Practice which was framed by the newspaper and periodical industry and was ratified by the PCC in January 2011" The Barmy Army and their 'Puppet on a string', Mickey, have decided to insert in the rule book 'human error', Oh I forgot in their 'Decision' it was a 'genuine human error'. The question I would like to ask the Barmy Army and Mickey, how can litigation in the High Court succeed if the Judge adds in his own made-up laws based on the excuses of the Defendant during the trial so as to protect the Defendant. I suppose the recent MP's expenses scandal would fall inside of a "genuine human error" category? I suppose the bottom line it comes down to 'who you are'; if your name is Rick Kordowski or Joe Bloggs you won't get away with it! . Oh yes I forgot, how can I ask Mickey, his 'Girl Friday' tells me "He considers the matter closed".

If you read part of the letter I sent to the Parliamentary Ombudsman it is clear the Barmy Army and Mickey are the most bent, twisted, corrupt lot you could find anywhere, they could have taught Al Capone a thing or two about 'Protection Rackets'. Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, called them "A Busted Flush"; I think that about sums them up.

Three of the Pakistan Cricket team have been in the news of late with their 'No-ball' antics and have ended up in jail. I suppose when the PCC are being bribed with large donations by the newspapers, the temptation to bowl 'No-balls' is too much to expect Mickey and the Barmy Army to resist.