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Preface -- 2003

They say in life 'history has a habit of repeating itself'
I was born on '15 June' a year before W.W.II in a small, as it was then, village on the outskirts of Dartford in North Kent England, nothing to be proud of but then again nothing to be ashamed of. Apart from a 3 year spell in the Army covering the Suez crisis in 1956 then on to Cyprus during the E.O.K.A. Campaign, I have lived in and around Dartford for the past 65 years (2003), so I believe I have a right to call myself a 'Dartfordian' and a true Englishman.
Back to the history lesson. Dartford is steeped in history, for instance, the first paper mill was built here, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I had private residences here, the fourth wife of Henry VIII, Anne of Cleves, spent her last years here until she died in 1557, there is a road named after her. In 1235 Isabella, sister of Henry III, was married by proxy to the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II and only yards from the church is an ‘Inn’ ‘Ye Old Wat Tyler’ the home of Watt Tyler from, it is widely believed, Wat Tyler led the ‘Peasants Revolt’ into London and at Smithfield on ‘15 June’ 1381 he was stabbed by the Mayor of London, William Walworth.
Dartford Church 1800c
A further significant event in history related to ‘15 June’ was when King John of England provoked his Barons to rebellion, but soon found he could not win and on ‘June 15’ 1215 at Runnymede, situated on the banks of the river Thames in Surrey, not far from Windsor, the Magna Carta charter was granted to the English Barons and since considered the basis of English Liberties.King John would later refuse to honour the Magna Carta which triggered the ‘Barons War’ but within a year, 1216, John was dead. During the reign of John’s son, Henry III the Magna Carta was confirmed by Parliament. Part of the Magna Carta reads “No one was to be condemned on rumour or suspicion, but only on the evidence of credible witnesses”. I have found that in complaint matters any evidence supplied by the Complainant is ignored in favour of members of the Law Society’s members word. If you read what has been written about members of the Law Society concerning the Kamlesh Bahl Hearing then you have to be concerned about their ‘credibility’.
At this point I’m sure the members of the Law Society would like to remind us of what happened to ‘Wat Tyler’! After being severely wounded he was taken, half dead, to nearby St Bartholomew’s Hospital and later that day, ‘15 June’ 1381, the Mayor of London, William Walworth, sought him out, had him beheaded, displayed his head on a pole and then had it taken to London Bridge. If things were still that simple I’m sure the members of the Law Society would have a quick word with ‘Ken’ our present Mayor of London. Oh yes, the Peasants Revolt was savagely put down, the Poll Tax was abolished and Wat Tyler became a Folk Hero.
At this point there will be a few that ask ‘what has this got to do with history repeating itself’. I think we all realise that Wat Tyler or even a single Baron or whoever by just being ignored by the establishment would get absolutely nowhere, but on the other hand, collectively, history has shown, even reigning monarch’s must take notice. In modern day, the death of Princess Diana certainly gave the Royal Family food for thought.

From the Ombudsman’s literature it appears 16% of cases are referred back to the complaints departments and only half of these are successful. There is no way I believe that 92% of people (1,620 last year alone) who take all the trouble to go to the Ombudsman are wrong, but as the road runs out here, what can they do? Singularly, very little and they end up feeling let down and dissatisfied.

Another first in Dartford is the birth of the Solicitors from Hell phenomenon on the www, that others have/had copied, that the law society have tried hard, but been unsuccessful, to close-down.

I do not expect to achieve the notoriety of Wat Tyler but I believe ‘collectively’ through the Internet and e-mail lobbying of specific people we can achieve a great deal, we could create a register of bad solicitors and even solicitor firms or individual Solicitors that could be recommended. Maybe this could be called ‘The Internet’s Peasants Revolt’.

One of Wat Tyler co-conspirators was named 'Jakke Straw' I don't think today's 'Jack Straw' needs any introduction or what his objectives are at the current time (March 2003). Are there any other famous names out there, past or present, with an immediate interest?

There are two or three ballads and several fifteenth-century chroniclers...speak of Jakke Straw being killed by William Walworth, Mayor of London, at Smithfield on 15 June 1381.

Straw is mentioned in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, in The Nun's Priest's Tale:

The British politician John Whitaker Straw (born 1946) adopted the name Jack Straw, allegedly after the rebel leader.

After Jack gave support to invade Iraq it looks like George got Tony to sack Jack for not supporting bombing Iran (nice one George).

Donald Rumsfeld, the Defence Secretary, had taken exception to Mr Straw’s statement that it would be “nuts” to bomb Iran. The United States, it was said, had put pressure on Tony Blair to change his Foreign Secretary.

You have to remember 'Jack Straw' was an advocate, along with Tony and George to invade Iraq in 2003 and just where as that got us?? George and Tony entered Iraq with guns blazing just like Hitler entered Russia in WWII but after the Russian eventually pushing him back out he would commit suicide.

What did Kofi Anan say "Iraq was better off under Sad am Hussein than Blair and Bush". I would say George, Tony and their Advocates have got egg on their faces.