"Australian Judges from Hell"

John Robert Arthur Dowd AO LLB (born 12 November 1940) attended Fort Street High School. He was a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, and a parliamentarian in the Legislative Assembly from 1975 to 1991. He served as the New South Wales Opposition Leader from 1981 (he acquired the leadership shortly after that year's election) until 1983 (when he was deposed by Nick Greiner). Afterwards, during Greiner's premiership of New South Wales, Dowd was State Attorney-General (1988-1991).

In 2002, Dowd became the chancellor of Southern Cross University, an office he still holds. Three years later he was appointed Protection Ambassador for AUSTCARE.

Smiley John Dowd

At the hearing Judge John Dowd said he didn`t have time to look at the evidence, and if someone wanted our properties he was going to give it to them.

That must be why they call it a hearing. Judge Dowd talked, we sat there and listened as he ruined our lives.

Hon Justice Kenneth Robert Handley AO dismissed our appeal against Dowd`s decision, saying "the appeal is vexatious and without substance as the facts of the case are totally irrelevant".

That summed it all up well, we thought. Dowd had not time to look at any evidence, Handley said facts are irrelevant.

Handley has been quoted in another case as saying "sometimes the innocent must be cast into the road so that justice may prevail".

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" Right: - The Chancellor, the Hon Justice Kim Santow, conferring an Honorary Doctorate of Laws upon the Hon Justice Kenneth Robert Handley AO at the Law graduation ceremony held at 9.30am on 11 May 2007.

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