"Mucky Judges" - 'Flasher Steve'

The Queen approves four new Privy Council Appointments
4 November 2005
The Queen has been pleased to approve that Dame Heather Hallett, Sir Alan Moses, Sir Stephen Richards and Sir Nicholas Wilson be sworn of Her Majesty's most honourable Privy Council on their appointment as Lord Justices of Appeal.

Sir Stephen (Price) Richards: Born 1950 and educated at St John's College, Oxford. Awarded Kt, 1997. Called to the Bar, Gray's Inn, 1975; Bencher, 1992; a Recorder, 1996-97; Judge of the High Court, Queen's Bench Division since 1997; Presiding Judge, Wales and Chester Circuit, 2000-03.

First of all Judge Richards chose, rather than to be tried by a jury, to have his case heard by three Magistrates so one must ask, is this just part of the judiciary 'Old Boys Network'?

What did the Chief Magistrate say about the young woman complainant; "We are satisfied that the complainant is an honest and truthful witness giving accurate evidence of the indecent exposure to which she was subject". Now this young "honest and truthful" woman saw the man who 'Flashed' her close-up on two occasions he was wearing a Trench coat like Judge Richards and she followed him along The Strand when she lost sight of him near the Courts of Justice where Judge Richards just happened to be working. Remember also Judge Richards admitted being on the same train in the same carriage(s).

Remember Chief Magistrate Timothy Workman said the young woman complainant "...is an honest and truthful witness giving accurate evidence ..." but lo' and behold the 'Old Boys Network' found it was a case of 'Mistaken Identity'.

Sir Stephen (Judge Richards) said: "Throughout this case I have put my trust in the legal profession...". If you are part of the 'legal profession' then you are part of the 'Old Boys Network'.




It appears two more women are pointing the finger at Judge Richards claiming that he exposed himself to them separately on the same route.

The worst that will happen to him is a large 'Golden Handshake' amounting to a £million pension deal and all charges will be dropped - the 'Old Boys Network' will see to that.

Click here to read how the 'Old Boys Network' came to the aid of 'Shirt Lifting Roger' (Judge Roger Davies) with a years 'garden leave' (£90,000+) then a nice £million pension deal.

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