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Sexcapades of Judge Mohammed Khan exposed in UK
Thursday, September 28, 2006

LONDON: A judge, at the centre of a sordid blackmailing case that involves sex, drugs, videotapes, adultery and illegal immigration, has been named and shamed in an unprecedented move by an Old Bailey judge, who condemned his colleague’s behaviour.

Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan, 60, has been unmasked after he filed a blackmail case against his Brazilian cleaner with whom he was having an affair. The norm for victims of blackmail is to be given anonymity, but the details that emerged during the case went beyond the judge’s private life and had a bearing on his public role.

Judge Khan and another former lover of his, known only as Judge J, both senior immigration judges, face a disciplinary investigation and could lose their job after the cleaner, Roselane Driza made allegations about their drug and sex fuelled private lives.

Kenyan-born Judge Khan, studied at Lincoln’s Inn and was called to the bar in 1968, became a leading human rights barrister before being appointed a full time immigration judge. Judge Khan, twice divorced, began an affair with Judge J more than a decade ago, while Judge J was still married.

Judge J, who now lives in a £5,000,000 apartment in North London and drives a sports car, earning £117,680 per year, became a widow in 1995 at which point she moved in with Judge Khan. ((Judge J has taken early retirement on health grounds and is receiving a pension (now who would have guessed that)).

In 1999, the sexy, young Driza came to work for the couple as a cleaner. By then she had overstayed her visa and had married an asylum-seeking killer who disappeared three months after the marriage, and had become an illegal immigrant.

Driza, 37, continued to work for the two Judges at their separate London flats even after they split up. But things took a nasty turn when in 2004, Judge J sacked Driza for being lazy and intrusive. Apart from cleaning and ironing for Judge Khan, Driza by then had also become his lover, and had moved in with him. Salacious evidence produced at the trial showed that Judge Khan was besotted by Driza and called her “really chilli hot stuff.”

Driza sought her revenge on Judge J by stealing two video-tapes from Judge Khan’s flat which showed him and Judge J having sex and snorting cocaine, and also having sex with another unnamed blonde woman. Driza then threatened Judge J with reporting her and Judge Khan to the authorities that they knew of her illegal immigration status if they did not give her £20,000 compensation.

Both judges went to the police and Driza was arrested at Judge Khan’s flat. The trail has been the talk of the legal profession, and one lawyer suggested, “It does rid us of our rather fusty image — a more lusty image.” The two judges now face an enquiry to see if they really didn’t know of Driza’s illegal immigrant status and how much they have brought the judiciary into disrepute.