8 February 2012
Mr John Wotton
Law Society President
The Law Society of England and Wales
113 Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1PL

Dear Mr Wotton

Concerning a complaint I have made against Mr Desmond Hudson

In the first instance I sent my complaint to Adam Sampson, Legal Ombudsman, and his office rang me stating my complaint should be sent to Chancery Lane, I duly filled in the enquiry form on the LS website and receive a reply from Rebecca West, Head of Private Office, stating "Please may I request further details of the nature of your complaint. I would be grateful if you could send this to me as soon as possible." I sent my complaint and all associated documents on 17 January.

Ms West responded on the 1 February (enclosed) and I am amazed just how my complaint has been handled. I have enclosed my reply to Ms West and hopefully you will reply and explain how Chancery Lane 'complaint handling' is or should be carried out.

In the past the LS complaint handling has been 'woeful' and my own experience since 1999 bears this out. At the bottom of the last page of my complaint I sent to Chancery Lane, which I have enclosed, I comment: -

"My thoughts
... It will be interesting to see what road the LS takes against its own member who has, through careless actions, accused an innocent party of the crimes of some other person which ended with derogatory comments about me being plastered all over the Internet."


After this fiasco of how my complaint concerning Desmond Hudson has been handled by Ms West it shows the LS's 'Protection Racket' is alive and well. Adam Sampson states he is independent and doesn't take sides but still with the same old 'Paymasters' the Law Society of course. A few years down the road the wheels will fall off his wagon and we will hear it all again as we have in the past. Read 'Rocky the Rottweiler' has been renamed 'Fido': - http://www.solicitorsfromhell.com/zm3.htm#fido
30 April 2005.

What does the Law Society have on their hands now?? Clearly Desmond Hudson has created a 'Run-away-Train' with himself and the LS on board that is out of control with 'Protest' websites springing-up like Mushrooms. What road will you take, protect yourself, protect the LS, defend Desmond Hudson or drop the Portcullis, shore-up Chancery Lane Fortress walls or have a laugh and joke at the next 'Lodge' meeting! On the other hand will you send in the Rottweiler, 'Mad Dog Des' to savage me as you had him do to Rick Kordowski? Richard Hegarty who at the time was Chair of the Compliance Board made an evening threatening 'phone call to me, which didn't work, then instructed Willoughby & Partners to take action against me and the best they could do was to threaten my Hosting Company:- http://www.solicitorsfromhell.com/grass2.htm
Evening 'phone call see: - http://www.solicitorsfromhell.com/dickie2.htm

You may not like my website or its, possibly in your opinion, derogatory name "solicitorsfromhell.com" which was the first protest website on the Internet in 2002 brought about by the inadequacies of a law firm and the determination of a complaints procedure determined to protect their members. After the law firm, Thomas Boyd Whyte, got so confused by what was published on the www caused by Desmond Hudson's 'lack of care' they sent me threatening letters and on the 14 December 2011 I gave TBW the option of writing a review of my website which I would publish on my web pages I also gave Desmond Hudson the option of giving his views but both turned me down. See: -
www.legal-complaints.com/desmond-hudson.html#des two paragraphs starting with "Let me quote from a letter..." which is part of my letter of complaint.

I don't apologise for any of my comments as Desmond Hudson and now the LS thinks it is acceptable for derogatory comments against an innocent person to be plastered all over the www caused by Desmond Hudson's 'carelessness', why should I be concerned with my own comments that I will be publishing on the www.

This letter is published at: - www.legal-complaints.com/john-wotton-ls-president.html with all links live for ease of use, will you read it, I doubt it which would just show the egotism of the Law Society members.

I cannot close this letter without commenting on the LS's rules for in-house law firms: -

Complaints handling

having a written complaints procedure which:
.How the hell can you preach to law firms when at Chancery Lane the heart of the LS you haven't got a clue on 'Complaints handling'.

www.solicitorsfromhell.me.uk - www.solicitorsfromhell.com
www.legal-complaints.com (just come online)

Yours sincerely

B R Gray

Encl. Copies of: -
  1. My letter of complaint. (can be viewed at http://www.solicitorsfromhell.me.uk/desmond-hudson.html with links to all other documents).
  2. Rebecca West's reply to my complaint against Desmond Hudson, LS Chief Exec.
  3. Letter dated 8 Feb to Rebecca West, Head of Private Office.
  4. A copy of my complaint as sent to Rebecca West on the 17 January.
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