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Press Complaints Commission 'if only'

The Deputy Prime Minister's, Nick Clegg, description of this 'fine upstanding body' : -
"The Press Complaints Commission is a 'busted flush' and 'needs to be replaced'.
A 'complaints body' at best run by the Newspapers for the Newspapers"

So meet the 'Barmy Army' the Commission Members.
Meet Lt Gen Sir Michael Wilcocks, at the 'Last Chance Saloon'
= -PCC
= -PHSOmbudsman

25 Mar

The Guardian published an article by so called Journalist, Jon Robins', who had receive a 'sloppily' worded email from
Desmond Hudson, Law Society Chief Executive, that cause an innocent person being accusing of the crimes of another,
although in the eyes of Mr Justice Lloyd Jones the Guardian's Editor "was responsible for all postings...even if he was
not the author
. However let me quote from a letter sent to Mr Hudson by the Information Commissioner prior to him
writing that email "There is a still a considerable lack of certainty concerning the extent to which website operators
are legally responsible for the content they host...the instigators of the website content are generally private
individuals expressing their own views"

Having been informed that an article published by the Guardian calling my "Website that has become the scourge of all lawyers, good and bad" which appeared to be confusing me with somebody else, I immediately sent an email to Jon Robins, the Journalist, and five other related mailboxes of which I receive just two automated replies.; (Jon Robins) and cc'd to; (Gus Sellitto);; ; info@jures.
Having received no response from the Guardian, their sister Newspaper, the Journalist, Jon Robins, or his company I repeat the process which, once again, only achieved automated replies.;; and cc'd to; (Jon Robins);; (Gus Sellitto);
After six weeks and twelve emails I'm forced to contact the Press Complaints Commission which by this time (six weeks delay) the situation has spiralled out of control and the false actuations by the Guardian has spread worldwide.
I receive an email from Rebecca Hales, Complaints Officer at the Press Complaints Commission, acknowledging my Complaint against the Guardian Newspaper.
Email from Ms Hales saying "The Commission has now received a response to your complaint from the Guardian newspaper, a copy of which is attached". Ms Hales stated in her email "Do let me know whether the action taken by the Guardian represents an acceptable means of resolving your concerns". What she didn't say; 'Then the Guardian can walk away having sh*t on another idiot'..
Elisabeth Ribbans, Managing Editor at the Guardian, states in the attached email that they have no record of my first email but when she realises I have an automated reply she then comes up with a few more excuses.
I reply to the above email saying: - "My dissatisfactions are many", which I list in depth.
Straight after sending Ms Hales the above email I receive one back saying; "However, before I revert to the newspaper, can you confirm if it is the case that you are still seeking the apology requested in your email of 30 March to Mr Robins? If so, would this take the form of a private or public apology?"
Either the PCC don't understand English or more than likely they don't want to so I repeated from my email of the 16th; "In section '4' of my response I believe I made it clear when I said "...I'm not prepared to accept an apology" and I have no intentions of offering the Guardian a second 'bite of the cherry'."

A bit of 'arm twisting' by Rebecca Hales to have me accept the Guardian's Editor and their Letter Reader's Bull Sh*t excuses
An email sent to the PCC from Elisabeth Ribbans, the Guardian's Managing Director, saying they "strive to act promptly as possible in dealing with significant complaints mistakes. ...this was simply human error..." 'mistakes' and 'human error', more like 'negligence' and 'incompetence'.
An email to Ms Hales again making it clear I want my complaint considered by the Complaints Commission.
An email from the Guardian via the PCC with excuses and an email they said they didn't receive on 30 March has now turned up.
an email from Rebeca Hales saying my complaint is being passed to the Complaints Commission. . . . . .continue
26 May Thomas Boyd Whyte Solicitors of Bexleyheath, Kent 'Raise their Head'
. These 'Idiots' are so 'Confused' after reading an inaccurate, derogatory article 'penned' by Journalist
. Jon Robins based on an email he received from Desmond Hudson, Law Society's Chief Executive,
. and then published in the Guardian that they, Thomas Boyd Whyte, entered the 'Arena' waving the
. 'Big Stick' and making misguided threats of how they would be seeing me in the High Court with some
. other 1,000 defendants. What a 'Pathetic' idiotic lot they are!
The PCC make their Decision and call their new rule "Geuine Human Error", no it's not a 'Joke'.
I sent a letter of Appeal to Reviewer 'Lt Gen Sir Michael Wilcocks' (Sir Michael will now sit on his hands for over seven weeks is he, as an Ex Army Officer, and the Commission working on a 'Defence Strategy).
wrote a letter to 'Lt Gen Sir Michael Wilcocks' office c/o Tonia Milton, IR Administrator to say I intend referring my complaint to the Ombudsman.
I send my complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.
Complaint of Maladministration by the Press Complaints Commission.
'Oh Dear' the PHSO deals with 'Maladministration' but Lyndsey Carpenter, Customer Services Officer, tells me that the
PCC does not come under their umbrella. Oh well if you are not on 'Footballers' salaries that's the end of the line for as
the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg has stated "The PCC is run by the Newspaper for the Newspaper"
The PHSO's Office say " will need to re-approach them..." So I will do as is suggusted plus I have sent them a copy
of my letter to the PHSO's Office
29 Sept Tonia Milton, IR Administrator, sends me a copy of Mick's letter that he supposedly wrote on the 10 August which it
appears 'got lost in the post'. Believe that you will believe anything.
I have again wrote to Sir Mick but like the three Pakistan Cricketers that have been in the news of late with their 'No-ball' antics and have ended up in jail. So when Mick and the PCC are being bribed with large donations from the newspapers,
the temptation to bowl 'No-balls' is too much to expect Mickey and the Barmy Army to resist.. . . . . .continue.
21 Oct It appears Desmond Hudson, Law Society's chief executive, in a conversation/interview with Journalist, Jon Robins, made derogatory comments about my website; "However from all we have seen, what this website is about is simply a blanket characterisation of all legal professionals as corrupt, and providing a vehicle for pursuing personal grudges and vendettas". Today I have written to Des for his explanation..
Mickey the 'Puppet' sends me a letter via 'his girl Friday' which states "He considers the matter closed".
As I said above Mickey delivers a 'No-ball' once again.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Back to the Top)
Large Pockets Des, Law Society's chief executive, states he never spoke or was interviewed by Jon Robins only supplied a comment to a request!.
Wrote Desmond Hudson, Law Society's chief executive, asking for info of the request by Jon Robins and a copy of his comments.
A reply from Des via Joao Cutto, Information Compliance Officer, stating the Law Society are not covered by the
Freedom of Information Act but adopted their own voluntary Code of Practice which closely reflect the FOIA.
They will respond by the 14 December.
Des wrote telling me my complaint is with the news media. No Sir, it wasn't me it was that kid down the road, I saw him do it! . 'Pathetic'. Do these people have any 'Balls'?

I have written to Des telling him I don't agree with his finger-pointing at the news media. I quoted Justice Tugendhat to him
"you should take reasonable care in relation to the publication".

8 Dec .
Received on the
12 December
Des gives an opinion on behalf of the Law Society on the "Solicitors from Hell" website. Des was very careless in not
correctly naming which website he was referring to (Mr Vassall-Adams QC said in Court: - "... very serious defamatory
allegations without any prior check to establish their truth or accuracy
"). 'Del Boy' sorry' Des, being on £400,000
(£8,000 per week) plus extras it would be expected he would not make 'disastrous' mistakes and when confronted by
the website owner the derogatory comment were made against would not expect him to give the 'one finger salute'.

15 Dec
Received on the
19 December
I have received a letter from Des that states; "Accordingly I consider our correspondence closed".
Thats Des's opinion not mine. . . . . . continue
2012 . . . .
9 Jan

I sent a complaint to Adam Sampson, Chief Ombudsman, about Des Hudson, Law Society's Chief Executive.
Adam Sampson Office 'phoned me at 9.30am on 12 Jan telling me they only deal with 'inadequate' service of
Solicitors/law firms and I should contact the LS at Chancery Lane.

12 Jan Adam Sampson office 'phoned me to advise I should send my complaint to the Law Society at Chancery Lane.
. . . . .continue

After Adam Sampson's office 'phone me I emailed the LS via their online enquiry form.
Becky West, LS Head of Private Office, emails me saying: "Please may I request further details of the nature of your
complaint. I would be grateful if you could send this to me as soon as possible".
Following Becky West, Head of Private Office, "request" I put together a complete file of my complaint and all other
related documents as I had previouly sent to the Chief Ombudsman with a covering letter.
  Awaiting a response from Chancery Lane. . Back in November 2010 Des, LS Chief Exec, wrote to Christopher Graham
the Information Commissioner, to 'drum-up' support against the 'Solicitors from Hell' website the IC replied in January 2011
and it seems 'Des Boy' once again has 'shot himself in the foot'. -
Read the Letter.
Head of Private Office, Becky West, replies to my 'Complaint' against Des Hudson but 'Becky' is confused, she doesn't
understand that I have made a 'complaint' against Des Boy not part of my correspondence I previously had with him.

Becky tells me "Law Society correspondence in regards to this matter is now at a close" That sounds familiar to the
'Protection Racket' that is operated by the Law Society.
Wrote to 'Waste of time Becky' (Head of Private Office) suggesting she takes some lessons in 'Complaints Handling'.
I have today written to John Wotton, President of the Law Society to ask about his in-house Complaints Procedures and
if he has 'Mad Dog Des' on a lead, but after his vendetta against Rick Kordowski he's probably 'uncontrollable'.

It usually it takes the LS weeks to reply to letters this one was answered in minutes by Mad Dog Des's Handler
'King John Wotton' the Law Society President, ain't I the 'lucky boy'.
"...Desmond Hudson and Becky West, will not
be entering into any further correspondence with you on this matter"
. Signed Rebecca Bramble, PA to the President.
I have today written to the Law Society 'Pit Bulls' pointing out they are guilty of 'maladministration' and I will shortly refer a complaint to that effect to Dame Julie Mellor DBE, PHSO (The Ombudsman).
I have today wrote again to the Legal Ombudsman, Adam Sampson, having been given the 'one-finger-salute' by the Law Society's elite at Chancery Lane who are clearly guilty of 'maladministration', so we will see where we go from here.

Did I say "..we will see where we go from here" Oh dear, 'Adam the Ant' sends me a 'Recorded Delivery' letter to make sure I get the 'message' (GET YOURSELF LOST).

.I have again wrote to Adam Sampson trying to explain once again what my complaint is about as he seems to think 'quote' "...your letter appears to relate to matters concerning yourself and the Law Society's Chief Executive, Mr Desmond Hudson"!!!

True to their word Adam Sampson the Legal Services Ombudsman and the Law Society at Chancery Lane have cut off all communication with me.
Adam Sampson lied he said the Chancery Lane Crew does not come under him. When he came to office: - 'About the Legal Ombudsman' "...the new scheme will deal with all public complaints across the entire legal sector - so not only solicitors", he also said Chancery Lane would have their own "Complaints procedure in place" which was not true there is no 'Complaint Procedure' at Chancery Lane, he knows it and there is no way past their Pit Bulls, Mad Dog Des and King John Wotton.

- All correspondence with the Press Complaints Commission.
= - All correspondence with the the Law Society (The 'Pit Bulls').
= - All correspondence with the Adam Sampson, Legal Ombudsman.
= - Thomas Boyd Whyte Solicitors of Bexleyheath, Kent. UK raise their head


The Law Society and the Complaints section decided I was a Barnacle of their boat of justice and to completely ignore me, cutting off all communications "...Desmond Hudson and Becky West, will not be entering into any further correspondence with you on this matter"... Rebecca Bramble PA to John Wotton, president, Law Society of England and Wales.

I'm not the only one that has been badly treated by the Law Society as Rick Kordowski showed on his website there were hundreds of others but Mad Dog Des on behalf of the Law Society closed him down. One man, Joseph Dowling, who has put his video story on the Internet shows just how corrupt they are…

5th July 2012
My life at this time had started to fall apart my personal life was becoming unravelled that I could do nothing about.

In May 2012 my partner of close on 30yrs was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was taken into the Lions Hospice, Northfleet. We had been engaged for over 12yrs and on 6th June we were married in the Hospice and a week later I took her home where on the 5th July 2012 she slipped away while I held her. My happy life had changed I found I could not sleep, could not stay in and a week after laying her to rest out driving her new car I had bought as a xmas present I fell asleep, woke-up with airbag all around me I had crossed a busy road and hit a brick wall and her present was a write-off.

Paramedics and Police soon arrived who were very good the Paramedic said not to drive till I had seen my doctor the Policeman didn't even breathalyse me but offered to drive me home safely. Oh yes...I had not been drinking, in fact I was and still am a very light drinker and then only socially.

Five years on I am still full of sad memories, the irony is my partner/wife worked for a large London law firm for 41yrs which is one firm I could recommend.

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