The original - Solicitors from Hell .com Reg. Feb 2003

An e-mail from 'down Under' (Ozz) it seems things are just as 'Mucky' down there.


We love Solicitors From Hell. Some of us have put our crooks on your site. Some of the crooks have loudly complained in Australian court houses that they can`t remove their names from your website.

We love Mucky Judges. Could you please expand that site to include (In)justice John Robert Arthur Dowd? He gave our properties away against the evidence, because he didn`t have time to look at the evidence.
He has featured in many property theft cases.

Now he has become a "crusader" for human rights!!! Pity he didn`t know anything about human rights when he stole.

He is the head of the International Commission of Jurists (Australia), and the next in charge of that organisation is Steve Mark, the Legal Services Commissioner (the guy we all have to complain to about crooked solicitors, and who can NEVER see any problem whatsoever)!

You provide a great service, and if the UK crooks chase you to close the site, please remember that it can be moved to another country. It will then be outside UK jurisdiction.


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