11 November 2011 . . . .

Desmond Hudson, Law Society's chief executive
The Law Society's Hall
113 Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1PL

Dear Mr Hudson

Request for information.

Thank you for your letter dated 8 November 2011.

I take note you say you were not interviewed by Jon Robins or spoke to him and only provided a comment to a request from him.

The point is your comment is still pinned, as you probably know, to numerous news media and other websites on the Internet pointing the finger at my .com website which in that context are derogatory comments.

Jon Robins and his Company of 'experts' penned the article in March which was copiously copied by most other media websites that all named my .com site with your comments embedded, it's hard to believe you were not aware of this as apparently the Law Society are taking action against Rick Kordowski and by that article the impression is it is against my .com website. To add credence to that statement I will remind you what I stated in my previous letter which I previously enclosed a copy of;
"Finally, my ex-solicitors who have dropped the Thos and now call themselves Thomas Boyd Whyte so as to lose the stigma of the old name are now so confused by the Internet stories they have sent me letters trying to intimidate me with threats that the Law Society are taking a joint action against the owner of SfH .com website and they will be joining that action where they will seek "...the cost of the proceedings", let me quote them "We would very strongly recommend that you obtain independent legal advice in relation to this and earlier correspondence. In particular, we would recommend that you instruct specialist litigation solicitors"."
However, the article, originally written by Jon Robins, is still prevalent on the internet and my question is what action have/are you taking to correct the situation for it appears you, Jon Robins or both failed to take "reasonable care in relation to the publication" and clearly derogatory comments have been made and are still published on the Internet worldwide against an innocent party.

Let me quote Jon Robins' "I...specialise in writing about consumer rights, most aspects of the law, criminal justice, human rights and access to justice...I am also director of the specialist legal research company, Jures...We also draw on an in-house team of specialist researchers and communications experts". With 'bragging' like that it is hard to believe he made a mistake especially after I sent six emails, three in all to him, his Co Director and his Company, within days of the article being published, asking for a correction and an apology which I repeated fifteen days later receiving no response whatsoever, obviously he thought his facts were right especially when backed-up with his own 'expert' knowledge his 'in-house' team of 'specialist researchers' and 'communications experts'.

I believe under the Freedom of Information Act I have the right to request, which I am sure you will willingly supply, a copy of Jon Robins 'request' for your comments on the SfH website and of course a copy of your response.

I look forward to receiving the information I have requested.

Yours sincerely

B R Gray

PS As you would know better than I if anything written that is 'fair comment' and/or has evidence in support then it is not defamatory. As you know all comments on my .com website are supported with evidence making it actual facts. I'm sure you would hate to admit it on principle but it will come within the bounds of your comment; "fair criticism" is "entirely valid" and the need for clients to be able to give feedback is "extremely important".