Office of the Independant Reviever
Press Complaints Commission

Independent Reviever (joke ha ha) Lt Gen Sir Michael Wilcocks

At this point if you look at the dates on letters it will be hard to believe 'Micky' is telling the truth….I wrote to Micky on 13 August because he had not replied to my letter dated 23 June only two letters from his IR Administrator, Tonia Milton (28/6 and 22/7) tell me he was still considering it, my letter of complaint dated 23 June.

As I had received no reply from Micky I write again on 13 August stating I was referring my complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, I wrote to him on 20 September telling him I had done this (read the letter). I receive a reply from Micky's IR Administrator, Tonia Milton on 29 September (see above) sending a letter Micky 'supposedly', but never arrived, wrote to me on the 10 August 2011 (see below) three days before my letter to him (13 Aug). It makes your head spin the rubbish these people come-up with just trying to confuse us.

Micky first of all states "I have no locus here" then goes on to admit there was an "error" and although he supposedly must see the PCC have adhered strictly to the 'Editors Code of Practice' he allows them to slip in "human error". Nowhere in the 'Editors Code of Practice' is there a rule or anything like 'human error' there. May be someone can tell me just what use he is, I suppose he should stick to 'Door Knocking' in Parliament…

Wrote to Sir Mick on 11 October he doesn't play by the 'rule' book, makes them up as he goes along so lets us just cross swords on the www

Sir Mick replies on 3 November via his 'Girl Friday', he "considers the the matter closed"


The last sentence of Sir Mick's letter, I wonder why he jumped to the conclusion that the "Commission and Editors are linked in any "Lodge-like" fashion" all I did was tell a story about a 'Red Light Jumper', I wonder, has he got a guilty conscience?

Read my little story: - "The Red Light Jumper" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19th May email