a9-email-pcc.htm 18 May an email from Ms Hales pumping the Guardians apology.


Received 18/05/2011 14:26

Complaint 112125

Dear Mr Gray

Further to your response of 17 May, the Commission has received the attached reply from the Guardian newspaper.

As you will see, the newspaper has apologised for publishing the incorrect web address and the delay in rectifying the error. It has explained that there was a genuine oversight in regard to your direct complaint to the newspaper and there was no intention to ignore your concerns. The newspaper has asked me to advise you that it has contacted a number of third party sites who re-published the article without authorisation in an attempt to ensure the correction of its own piece filters through to these other news sources.

It would seem that we have two options as to how your complaint can progress at this stage. Firstly, you accept the newspaper's action as a resolution to your concerns and the Commission will produce a summary of your complaint which will be published - with your consent and a wording agreed by you -on our website and act as a further public record of your concerns and the remedial action taken by the newspaper. Secondly, we ask the Commission to take a view on the matter under the terms of the Editors' Code. The Commission will consider material provided by both parties (including the newspaper's efforts to remedy the error) and issue a formal decision on your complaint.

Do let me know how you wish to proceed.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Hales
Complaints Officer

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