a8-email-topcc.htm 17 May I again reply pointing out my annoyance with the Guardian.

Complaint against the Guardian and Journalist Jon Robins
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From email: brianrgray@msn.com
Website: www.solicitorsfromhell.com (.com)

Dear Ms Hales
Thank you for your prompt reply.

In section '4' of my response I believe I made it clear when I said "...I'm not prepared to accept an apology" and I have no intentions of offering the Guardian a second 'bite of the cherry'.

Jon Robins and the Guardian committed just about every offence Rick Kordowski was found guilty of in Court, which I have taken great pains to point out in my emails, believing as Journalists and the news media they have some divine rights to publish anything they like with impunity.

The 3 or 4 news media links I enclosed, part of some thirty or so I have found so far with little effort, were to show how the story is still live and is just the tip of the iceberg. As I said the six weeks of delay allowed the situation to spiral out of control which will never be able to be cleaned up and as we know pageviews stay live for years on the Internet. Let me again repeat what Judge Jones said to Rick Kordowski "But traces of the allegations remained on search engines after..."

In the first three paragraphs of my complaint to the PCC dated 4 May 2011 I gave an insight into my website and will repeat that I am not guilty of any of the misdemeanours that I am accused of by the Guardian on my website and never have been but now, with 'thanks' to the Guardian, my website is known as "the scourge of all lawyers, good and bad".

As I have previously stated my website came about in 2001/2 after experiencing the Law Society's inadequate Complaints Procedure which has been recognised as flawed by many and every few years it comes under a new name but it never alters (http://www.solicitorsfromhell.com/john-wilson.htm) and the new 'kid on the block' is Adam Sampson Welcome to the Legal Ombudsman and the only way to keep it honest are websites like mine and some others.

My website was, I believe, the first 'protest' website to appear which was based on fact and with imbedded evidence to back-up every claim made. The reason I named my website 'Solicitors from Hell' was because it was 'attention' catching and no other reason, unfortunately my domain name was copied and used for a totally different purpose to mine, as other websites with varying names are doing with most containing some hate related content. The trouble is the news media and their Journalists have grouped all protest sites under the same umbrella and gone in with their fists flying, guns blazing and do not care that the innocent will get hurt as well. But I suppose this a typical US and British trait.

Let me again quote; The Law Society's chief executive, Desmond Hudson, says that "fair criticism" is "entirely valid" and that the need for clients to be able to give feedback is "extremely important".
Also a paragraph from my email to Jon Robins; "Instead of sitting on the side of the 'Goodies' may be you should just consider some of us 'Baddies' might have a case even those that Rick Kordowski lists on his website(s)".

Do I have any sympathy for the Guardian and Jon Robins? None at all, if you sleep with the Devil then you must run with the Devil!

Yours sincerely

Brian Gray