a2-guardian-email.htm 15 April an email sent to the Guardian and five other related mailboxes. (no replies)
Website that has become the scourge of all lawyers, good and bad.
2nd email as sent to the Guardian on 15/04/2011 no reply received
reader@guardian.co.uk; letters@guardian.co.uk; and cc'd to jon@jures.co.uk;
(Jon Robins) gus@jures.co.uk; (Gus Sellitto) letters@observer.co.uk; info@jures.co.uk;

Dear Sir
On the 30/3/11 I emailed Jon Robins and cc'd the same to yourself at the Guardian and others but all have failed to respond (link to said email below).
Let me quote from your "automatically generated email" reply: -
"This office handles reader queries about Guardian accuracy and standards.
... we do aim to read them all
It is the Guardian's policy to correct significant errors as soon as possible.
If you have sent a correction request we will not usually send you a response unless the article directly affects you."

I suppose we should not believe everything we read or we should take with a 'pinch of salt' everything the Guardian states or publishes!

In the Court proceedings against Rick Kordowski no articles on the internet name Solicitors from Hell .com repeat .com except those penned by Jon Robins who clearly states SfH.com as the offending website in connection with Rick Kordowski, please see: -
http://www.guardian.co.uk/law/2011/mar/25/solicitors-from-hell-rick-kordowski for one of the offending articles by the Guardian. (was corrected on or after the 12 May)

Let me quote what the Judge Mr Vassall-Adams said "...that Mr Kordowski appeared to be willing to publish very serious defamatory allegations without any prior check to establish their truth or accuracy". The Guardian has published Jon Robins article "without any prior check to establish their truth or accuracy", Jon Robins also interviewed Rick Kordowski on behalf of the Guardian and still got the facts wrong.

If you enter 'jon robins solicitors from hell rick kordowski' into Google's search engine you will see he is all over it, like a terrible rash, in the name of the Guardian blaming SfH.com repeat .com for the shortcomings, misdemeanours or the 'good deeds', depending on how you look at it, of Rick Kordowski.

Let me quote the Guardian's article penned by Jon Robins naming SfH.com under the heading: -
"Website that has become the scourge of all lawyers, good and bad"
"Mr Justice Lloyd Jones last month lambasted the hugely controversial website - which seeks to name and shame "corrupt, negligent, dishonest, crooked, fraudulent lawyers" - for comments about a young solicitor that were, he said, "baseless, abusive, malicious and an unwarranted slur on the competency and probity of a young lawyer". The lawyer in question was awarded £10,000 in damages. The judge was particularly vexed by the site's £299 "administration charge" that lawyers have pay (sic) to get their names taken off the website".
In the first paragraph of that article the Guardian has pinned Mr Justice Lloyd Jones' comments incorrectly to my website which makes you responsible for its erroneous publication all over the www.

I have no problem with honest criticism of my website but I would point out that every comment and accusation on it is, unlike Rick Kordowski, backed up with evidence and does not have lists of any lawyers as described also it makes no charges whatsoever to disgruntled clients, Solicitors or their firms.

Let me quote what Mr Justice Lloyd Jones said "Kordowski was responsible for all postings on Solicitors from Hell, even if he was not the author" and, once again, Mr Vassall-Adams said "...that Mr Kordowski appeared to be willing to publish very serious defamatory allegations without any prior check to establish their truth or accuracy". I believe it is clear the Guardian is responsible for all the false allegations they are accusing me of as the owner/author of www.solicitorsfromhell.com

You may say this was done in 'error' but over a fortnight later you are still ignoring the facts and have taken no action. If you go into a shop and in 'error' take an item without paying, this does not excuse you from the act of shoplifting.

Yours sincerely
Brian R Gray
Fri 15/04/2011
07773 XXX XXX

Address supplied;

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Google listings, Judge Jones said: - "But traces of the allegations remained on search engines after..." clearly the Guardian is responsible for the Google listings being there and are still there long after I emailed you.