I receive a reply from Carolyn Elefant Attorney at Law and clearly she is not going to remove the slanderous allegations she has made against SfH.Com.

Re: Is this the original American 'Solicitor from hell'?
From: elefant@exsolent.com
Sent: 08 April 2010 16:44:35
To: Brian Gray (brianrgray@msn.com)

Dear Mr. Gray, I do not believe that there is any basis for a defamation action. Nevertheless, to the extent that you have strong views on this topic, I am happy to give you an opportunity to write a post explaining your position. My original post devoted approximately 75 words to your site and my opinion thereof; I will give you up to 1000 words to make your point. I will post it at my site and link to your site as well. Please send me a post if you decide to avail yourself of my offer. Carolyn Elefant


What Carolyn Elefant would later say in her 'Post Removal' on her website Myshingle.com was: -
"For the record, I had invited Mr. Gray to post a correction at my site, but he declined"
and not what she said in the email she was quoting from above (in red), a misquote, a bending of the words or a deliberate lie, I believe it was the later.

I was not guilty of anything and she was acting as 'Judge & Jury' She had made false defamatory allegations and was the 'guilty' party.

I did reply (See No.3) to Carolyn Elefant's email but she still refused to remove her erroneous content from her website.

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