Carolyn Elefant just doesn't get her head out of the 'Sand'. --
Carolyn Elefant February 4th, 2010 at 09:27
Mark - I posted on my blog but for those who are reading these comments, my apologies to you for misinterpreting what you wrote and improperly jumping to conclusions. I was wrong. Carolyn

Mark Bennett February 4th, 2010 at 10:17

Thanks, Carolyn.
When I miscommunicate, it's my responsibility.

Carolyn Elefant - April 26, 2010 4:00 PM -- As posted on
I honestly did not realize that I had made a mistake so I was loathe to apologize. I could not understand the original email. Had Mr. Gray sent me a post, I would have put it up for him.
A while back, I had a disagreement with another subject of a post. He called me by phone and we talked and I understood my mistake. I posted a full entry from him, and subsequent correction.

There are to date, that we know of, three 'Mistakes' Carolyn Elefant has made, how many more is she keeping quiet about!- How the hell does the US judiciary turn a blind eye to these 'Maverick' Lawyers?


Now that the correct facts have got through to Attorney Carolyn Elefant's 'addled' brain you would think she would write a Post on her website Myshingle.Com about the correct website and it's Author/owner and again make the same allegation of Extortion committed against English law firms that she accused an innocent person and his website of!

When you look at the facts what Carolyn Elefant has done against a totally innocent bystander it is far worse than Rick Kordowski is doing, at least he possibly has a reason(s) for targeting these Lawyers or their firms. What was Carolyn Elefant's excuse "I was confused" this Solo should be made to move back with "a big law firm" which she said "a big law firm wasn't big enough. Not big enough for my ego" so she can be monitored by experienced Lawyers who don't have EGO problems or get "confused".
--- O
h yes, did anyone spot her 'apology'?????

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