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This page is set-a-side for Attorney Carolyn Elefant to put forward a defence. We know what she did and with the 'Pedigree' she tells us she has the excuse of "I was confused" -and "... I had made a mistake so I was loathe to apologize" is not a 'Defence'. If I committed murder and told the judge "I was confused" and "I had made a mistake" he wouldn't pat me on the head and tell to go away and don't do it again, no, he would lock me up.
-I will just quote Ms Elefant; "how lawyers correct their mistakes says a lot about the type of lawyer they are". --- Publishished May 20, 2010
Ms Elefant knows that in a Court of Law it is for the Prosecution to show that the person being charged is guilty not for that person to prove he/she is innocent.- Lawyers are supposedly trained to a high level to investigate the evidence and not to be "confused" as Ms Elefant claims she was in this case. What happened was that the Judge and Prosecutor Carolyn Elefant in her public World Wide Web.Myshingle.Com Court House trial found the person accused by herself guilty of all her accusations. -It happened a miscarriage of justice was carried out and now the Judge/Prosecutor Elefant is on trial for evidence 'fixing'.- Let me quote Judge Elefant "...a big law firm wasn't big enough. Not big enough for my ego..." and the question is, would this been allowed to happen in "...a big law firm..." I doubt it. -What actually did I do to defend my innocents? -Let me quote Judge Elefant once more; "...standing firm before an insulting, nasty judge..." -I followed that advice and stood firm before this "...nasty judge..."

Attorney Carolyn Elefant's Defence

'No Defence'?

Assumed 'Guilty as Charged'

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