Carolyn Elefant
-----Who is this Dennis the Menace?

This one is the original US 'Attorney from hell', Carolyn Elefant, who is a 'Solo' operator and clearly needs help to check she gets her facts right. Clients of this 'One man Band' (sorry woman) should be aware that her information collecting skills are probably no better than you would expect from a nine year old Dennis the menace school child which led to her telling lies that could end with a 'Defamatory' law suit if she is not careful, especially when falsely accusing somebody of "Extortion". -This "Dennis the Menace" needs a wide birth.

Carolyn Elefant's gives the impression that her "Solo by Choice" was a decision she had made by her own 'Choice'. Not so, around 2002 Duncan & Allen, a D.C.-based energy law boutique, told her that she wasn't "partnership material" and gave her six months to find a new job. It appears she whinged "I know that I am a good lawyer. I was good enough for you to hire two years ago, and I'm just as good now. No matter what you think, I am a good lawyer and ... I will succeed at whatever I do". When six months passed and Duncan & Allen had kicked her arse out the door she still hadn't found a new firm to employ her so Elefant decided to hang out her own shingle.

Well clearly it was not 'Solo by Choice' but 'Solo by Necessity' if she want to be a Lawyer, as no 'Big Law' firms in the US thought she was good enough to hold down a position as an Attorney in their establishments.

What Now? ---- Carolyn Elefant Wants to Be the Voice of Solo Lawyers
There's no name on the door to Carolyn Elefant's K Street office in Washington, D.C. In the waiting room, a chubby man slouches on a black leather armchair, dozing. Elefant appears, smiling and gracious. She takes us on a slightly confusing circular journey through the halls before she finds the conference room where she left her coffee cup and briefcase.

Welcome to the pieced-together world of the solo practitioner. While some may shy away from its less-than-glamorous trappings, others are attracted to the idea of building a career unique to their own interests, time constraints and even whims, without the restrictions a larger firm might impose.
Debra Bruno, Legal Times March 27, 2008

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